Go and Inquire

            The human being is different from every other living being. Intelligence is what makes humans differ from other living beings. Intelligence to choose between what is right and what is wrong. Also, intelligence to think out of the box.

        It important for a human being to control his mind. Not to act like a cat and dogs. That is a human being. He should be inquisitive. Why the things around me are happening and he should learn from it. If he does not inquire or if he does not take education, then what is the difference between him and the dog. He has got the opportunity of human life he should use it wisely by gaining useful knowledge and be inquisitive. he should avoid keeping himself in dog status. Not to use this human birth simply for eating, sleeping, sex life and defending. Dog's barking disturbs people, the dog does not inquire about how to control barking, but in our case, we can inquire. Therefore the Vedic injunction is 'Go and Inquire'. We should question yourself about our existence in our world. We have got this materialistic life as a way out of this life and death loop. In Vedas and Puranas, it is said that human life is assigned to the soul to understand its real purpose and attain moksha.

     It is mentioned in one of the scripture, that Dharma and Moksha represent the spiritual aspects of life, while Artha and Kama represent the material aspects. Most people focus on Artha and Kama, conveniently neglecting and not even feeling need Dharma and Moksha. Dharma means righteousness, that is to develop our love for God. Artha refers to service towards God and Kama to an intense desire to serve association. Moksha means liberation from this materialistic life.

Bhagavad Gita [as it is] Chapter 4, Verse 9    

"One who knows the transcendental nature of My appearance and activities does not, upon leaving the body, take his birth again in this material world, but attains My eternal abode, O Arjuna."

 This verse states that one who is inquisitive about his birth as a human being and find a way out by accomplishing the spiritual consciousness of the Lord, will not end up into the loop of birth and death, rather he will directly attain the eternal abode or moksha.


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