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Consistency Outplays Talent


- Darshan Gajara,
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Back then, I was talking to one blogger, just a random drop in his dm's and was asking him for guidance. The only advice he offered me was to be consistent and not to try any other gimmick.

Let's take this to a different level. This also implies to the spiritual level. Yes, consistency is important. Let me give you an example

Ratnakar cruel and infamous sadist, who used to loot the trespassers who crossed the forest. Everything was going fine for him. Looting and living happily in his materialistic life(that's what he used to think). One fine day, an enlightened man with Veena and pair of Castanets in his hand was wandering in the forest chanting the holy name of Godhead. He was none other than Naradmuni. Ratnakar saw him and he sneered. He went to Naradmuni and as usually he started to rob. Naradmuni calmly handled the situation just by asking him some questions like, 

Naradmuni: What is the reason you are looting for?

Ratnakar: For my livelihood.

Naradmuni: Are you sure you are doing it only for yourself?

Ratnakar: Not only for myself but also for my wife and children.

Naradmuni: So are they aware that you rob for them, basically you are making a paap(sin)?

Ratnakar: Yes they are.

Naradmuni: Will they help you, by opting some share of the paap(sin) you are committing.

Ratnakar:(He rushed and asked his wife and children about it, they simply rejected). He understood his mistake and he accepts Naradmuni as his guru and asked him for advice for purification of his soul.

Naradmuni: (Knowing about his intelligence) asked him to chant 'mara' (which means death) continuously, as Ratnakar's life was closely connected to that word.

Ratnakar began chanting with complete sincerity. The chant created the word loop 'mara mara mara' which magically transformed into 'rama rama rama'. Years passed, but Ratnakar's sincerity was not shattered. He was fully engrossed in chanting, no food, no water, and no sleep only chant of the holy name. Ants began to crawl all over and gradually made a huge anthill. Pleased by his faith, Naradmuni came to him softly called him "Wake up Ratnakar".  Hearing his guru's voice he stood up and bowed down doing a Namaste. Ratnakar was purified and spiritually elevated due to the chanting of holy name. 

As he was covered with anthill, Naradmuni gave him the name Valmiki (a sage who emerged from anthill). Yes, Sage Valmiki, who was chosen to write the well-known epic RAMAYAN.

I know you all are wondering how this story is related to the quote "Consistency outplays Talent". Let me explain it in short. Ratnakar who was an infamous sadist and had no talent regarding spirituality transformed himself into a Sage Valmiki, just by consistently chanting "mara" which automatically gets converted into "Rama". Initially, he was not aware of the holy name, he was just chanting consistently and was spiritually awakened. Naturally, you always don't have to be learned scholar to get destined to the heavenly abode. You must have faith and should be consistent. Also, this doesn't mean that one with only consistency and the wrong path will lead you to the destiny, but consistency with the right path will surely lead you. That's all I have to share. Be consistent and one can achieve the impossible. 

Stay tuned for other exciting spiritual blogs, exciting mythological stories. Thanks a lot for hopping by. Don't hold yourself back and just contact freely for any questions or suggestions.


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