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How to be a Noble Man

 A great person is labeled prodigious only if he is a combination of three virtues-flawless talent, correct attitude, and inspiring character. Talent and Attitude takes one to the success and Character helps to maintain it.


Talent is like the sword, not to be merely admired but to be used. It is the natural ability gifted to you to be good at something. Every living entity in this world is talented. You just need to be cautious enough to identify the hidden talent. Likewise, using it wisely is an important thing. Talent should be grasped such that it should be beneficial to you in every possible way, also accepting the truth that it is the devotional activity given to me to serve. While contemplating, a person develops attachment for them, and from such attachments, lust develops. Ownership does not imply control and control does not imply ownership. When one is not permanent in this world how one can claim proprietorship. We can conclude that each and everyone has a unique talent using it in a beneficial way and at the same time taking it as devotional service, avoiding excess on either side.


Talent without correct attitude is dessert without sugar. Talent brings one to the stairs to success and correct attitude helps one to climb it. Attitude is the complex and acquired state of mind on the basis of experiences about how to behave mentally, physically and emotionally. Changing with the time and situation is said to be the correct attitude. Tit for tat is half correct, but if we add emotional consideration and deep understanding of the present situation and acting according to it, then it is fully correct. First try to change with the situation, if that is not sufficient to go ahead then accept the change and go ahead. Sometimes ignorance is also helpful. One can learn right attitude in towards every situation from three sources, the experienced one(one who possess the wealth of age), the wise(one who possess the wealth of knowledge), the cultured(one who possess the wealth of character). Keeping our mind healthy with vitamin G(Gratitude) and with the supplement G(Generosity) towards all those who are helpful to you, even if only once will lead towards great attitude.


Inspiring character is the tripod of self-control, honesty, and integrity. Self-control is the pillar of the spotless character. If one can control his 5 Indriyas in every situation and has control over his mind is said to be the self-controlled and intelligent one. The character of the person is also defined by the honesty and transparency of the person. One who does not compromise with his principles is the man of character. Compromising your valuable and determined principles just for the sake of self-interest and personal convenience demonstrate poor integrity. One can simply achieve success but his character define him and allow him to maintain success. One small blame on the character makes you antagonist.

One who is embraced with these three virtues is to be the righteous and noble man. The perfect example is Lord Rama. He was the man of excellent talents, perfect attitude, and spotless character.

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Temples Of Odisha

Location: Puri, Odisha 
Camera Courtesy: EOS 1500D
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Jagannath Puri

Jagannath Puri

Jagannath Puri

Jagannath Puri

Great Wheel of Konark Sun Temple

Konark Sun Temple

Konark Sun Temple(13th Century)

Konark Sun Temple(13th Century)

Konark Sun Temple(13th Century)

Konark Sun Temple(13th Century)

Konark Sun Temple (Present)

Konark Sun Temple (Present)