Accept and Forgive!

One who has the ability to accept and to forgive, has the most peaceful relationships; here relationships includes everything that leads to a happy life, a peaceful mind, fewer problems, absolutely no stress, etc. Yes, I know this has no direct spiritual context but if you look at any damn thing in the correct dimension you can find that thing spiritual. 

Peace of mind is very important for spiritual consciousness. First, one should be clear with the motive of his life, what is the purpose of human life. For that, you should Go and Inquire. Then a peaceful mind is a next step.  Lets cut this short, I just wanted to explain to you that, why the ability to accept and to forgive is to be mastered (Just for the sake of a peaceful mind and fewer relationship/social). Social says it all. How you tackle with other people in your society? What is your attitude towards the people of society? and many other things. So let's get this started.

Ego, greed, lust, rage, illusion, and envy are the six anarthas which leads to so many problems in a relationship. This all problems can simply be avoided by acquiring just 2 abilities. Ability to accept and the ability to forgive. Ability to accept the mistake or sometimes the truth, clears the false ego. The small two-letter word 'me' is very powerful.  'Me' stands for 'mental ego'. By simply accepting the truth which lies within one can conquer over ego. Accepting the mistake and feeling sorry for the same is sometimes the only solution to these problems.

Every social/relationship problem comes with stress, overthinking, anxiety, sometimes depression. These things start to eat-up your mind within. Come on, every human being commits mistakes. It may be you or your dear one, forgiving and starting over is always the option. Forgiving someone for the mistake is the wise-man thing. Remember your relation with the person is way greater than your ego.

Accepting the mistake and feeling sorry for the same requires courage. It's actually a bold move, it may sound easy but surely it is not. You may end up into more trouble or you may end up losing your dear one but it will surely solve half of your problems. One who wants to stay(wise-one) will forgive you and stay with you no matter what. This can actually be the test to find the wise-one. (One who forgives your mistake is the wise). Read this paragraph again, probably it is confusing. Accepting the mistake and Forgiving for the mistake is the cumulative process. These function(of accepting/forgiving) just transfer from one person to another. You accept your mistake, at the same time another one forgives, i.e for your every acceptance there is an equal forgive and vice-a-versa.

Forgiving someone for their mistake is a wise move. Forgive; itself says that (Value of relation > Ego). So don't feel shy about accepting your mistake and forgive the mistakes of others whole-heartedly. 

That's all for this confusing blog. Stay tuned for other exciting spiritual blogs. Thanks a lot for hopping by. Don't hold yourself back and just contact freely for any questions or suggestions.

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