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Does Exceptions have Limitations?

Yes even , expectations have limitations.

You have given the free will to live your life. Everybody has  the freedom to live their own life according to their will. Under certain parameter, it is okay to expect. But somewhere it is going to end. Everything has a limit. Again there are certain exceptions like parents and loved ones. They expect something from you and that's not at all wrong. But when it comes on the social level, expectations have limitations.

Expecting something from someone is not wrong, just there has to be a set-point and one should know where to stop. Expecting fish to climb the tree is a total waste, you this is never going to happen, this is a useless thing to expect. There are innumerable examples of false expectations. You just cannot expect beyond limits. Everyone is living their life according to his will, his freedom. You have no right to curb them or stop them in any way. Sometimes things are not going to be according to your way. You simply cannot live based on 'my way or sky-way'.  Things don't work like this. When you start to accept the things truly as they are and see them in their true form you find peace and that's called maturity. Stop seeing the world in terms of what you like and what you dislike. Live your life in your way, according to your virtues. Find your way of living, small mishaps and behavioral changes of others should not bother you, live unaffected.

When you start to mind your own business and stop expecting you find more peace. Start to live with this mindset. Be determined and firm on your own decisions, inspiring and expecting are two different things. You inspire someone and you make your impact. You expect something and you become dependent. Enjoy the course of life as it is. When something doesn't go according to you, the best thing you can do is ignore, don't try to mend things. When something goes around your will, you start to over-think and it gives rise to depression and anxiety. Avoid this kind of mind misbehaving gimmicks. Expections have limitations, with exceptions which includesyour parents. One should surely try to work according to your parent's expectations.

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