9 amazing tips for self motivation.

I strongly believe in the reward system. You get a reward for your action you tend to act more. Think of a child, if you give chocolate to him for doing something simple action like to bring a glass of water for you (don't judge me by this example), then he tends to help more, expecting a bar of chocolate as a reward. Not only children but also the grown-ups tend to act more furiously expecting something in return. If you are going to get something as a reward you will work more efficiently. 

Above concept can be used for self-motivation purpose. Think, rewarding yourself for doing something, yes there are going to be some restrictions and clauses you have to work with but other-wise this is a great technique for self-motivation. 

Following are the clauses you need to consider before experimenting this

  • Being honest with yourself:
      • Honesty playing a key role here. If you are honest with yourself, then and then only you can justify your reward system.

  • Write down your goals:
      • It can be fitness goals, academic goals, Personal growth goals, community goals, etc. 
      • Write down each and every goal on a sheet of paper. You can have a schematic diagram to be more realistic. 
      • Flow-chart is also the best option. 
      • This will establish a firm integration between the goals and lay a foundation for you.

  • Make an activity log:
      • Write down activity logs(an activity which helps you move towards the goal) in column 1 and respective goal in column 2

  • Reward yourself:
      • Reward yourself with the virtual points or save a small amount of cash in a piggy bank, on an occasion of completion of every 3 steps of a goal. 
      • Gift yourself with something, you always wanted. Again honesty plays an important role here. 
      • Maintain a sheet where you can account your rewards. Track your score every 5 days. 
      • Set a monthly target.

  • The assistance of a friend:
      • Ask your close friend to monitor this system for you. 

  • Graph it:
      • Make a graph of goals vs days. This will help you to manage your time.

  • Commute things backward:
      • Analyzing everything by keeping honesty as a prime principle.

  • Share:
      • Make a network chain. This chain induces the competition.

  • Last but not least:
      • Read motivational quotes, inspiring stories.
      • For amazing motivational quotes, you can always click here
*Tried and tested method

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