Adapt and Overcome!

Life is going to be unfair, it's you who has power (by all means) to change the complexion. Yes, life is always unfair and biased. Everything is not going to be according to your will. It has its own course. 

Instead of stressing over things, you want to happen you should focus on how you can adapt and overcome the things coming your way. What's going to happen is going to happen, no matter what you do. So just seize every opportunity coming your way. Things will go sideways, have patience, and put efforts to bend them into opportunities. 

Adapt to the incessant problems coming your way. When you master the adaption technique, you become vulnerable. "Change with the course to change the course".  

Stanch yourself. Be so firm with the goal that no matter what, you should not deviate. Many things will tantalize you, don't lose hope. 

Subjugate the situation and take control. Life will chastise you all way around. Mold yourself in such a way that, the control of life remains in your hand.

Things seem unfair when you try moving out of your comfort zone. If you are happy within your comfort zone and never try to break through it, your growth is stunted. Life starts being unfair only on a path of success and the breakthrough point of your comfort zone is when you feel restless in your current zone. So get up, stand up, and raft yourself through this unfair river. 

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