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Consistency Outplays Talent


- Darshan Gajara,
Product designer, part-time blogger
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Back then, I was talking to one blogger, just a random drop in his dm's and was asking him for guidance. The only advice he offered me was to be consistent and not to try any other gimmick.Let's take this to a different level. This also implies to the spiritual level. Yes, consistency is important. Let me give you an example
Ratnakar cruel and infamous sadist, who used to loot the trespassers who crossed the forest. Everything was going fine for him. Looting and living happily in his materialistic life(that's what he used to think). One fine day, an enlightened man with Veena and pair of Castanets in his hand was wandering in the forest chanting the holy name of Godhead. He was none other than Naradmuni. Ratnakar saw himand he sneered. He went to Naradmuni and as usually he started to rob. Naradmuni calmly handled the situ…