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How to be a Noble Man

A great person is labeled prodigious only if he is a combination of three virtues-flawless talent, correct attitude, and inspiring character. Talent and Attitude takes one to the success and Character helps to maintain it.
Talent is like the sword, not to be merely admired but to be used. It is the natural ability gifted to you to be good at something. Every living entity in this world is talented. You just need to be cautious enough to identify the hidden talent. Likewise, using it wisely is an important thing. Talent should be grasped such that it should be beneficial to you in every possible way, also accepting the truth that it is the devotional activity given to me to serve. While contemplating, a person develops attachment for them, and from such attachments, lust develops. Ownership does not imply control and control does not imply ownership. When one is not permanent in this world how one can claim proprietorship. We can conclude that each and everyone has a unique talen…

Let's Chant

Many people chant prayers any mantra given by our Guru. The simple logic behind this is to please the dear lord. We chant for mercy, we chant for salvation, we chant for peace of mind.  We chant to attend the love supreme godhead. Everyone has his own reasons for chanting. Chanting is very easy devotional service one can offer to God. Chanting is the devotional service which leads us to happiness. Many Vedic kinds of literature state that chanting is the purest devotional service one can offer in the Kali-yuga. In Srimad Bhagavatam, it is given that chanting the holy name only for once with modesty, can attain the love of Godhead. Chanting can convert one cruel, sadist into a spiritual being. To read the full story regarding how chanting with consistency can change your life click here..        All the Vedas state that chanting is the foremost devotional service.In other yugas, people were having a long life like really long life, high patience and and purest form of modesty, and true…