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How to sail your life wisely!

You can either go with the flow or you can oppose the flow, one who decides what to prefer according to the situation is the sailor sailing his life wisely
Every one of you is familiar with the saying 'Just go with the flow'. Yes, sometimes this is the best solution for the problem. Now think wisely, most of the time, going with the flow is the only option left, for the natural problem or an inevitable problem(like death, natural calamity, etc). In these cases, one can ignore and try to move on to overcome. But, what about our daily problems? We can't just ignore them, and move on to our routine life. Consider your life as an endless ocean. An ocean which is full of uncountable waves, which is an analogy to our never-ending life problems.  Your mind(ship) is sailing in this ocean. Sailing alone without a sailor. Just like a ship requires a sailor to control it, your mind needs a controller. Your inner consciousness act as a controller for your lost mind. Your ship cannot b…

Accept and Forgive!

One who has the ability to accept and to forgive, has the most peaceful relationships; here relationships includes everything that leads to a happy life, a peaceful mind, fewer problems, absolutely no stress, etc. Yes, I know this has no direct spiritual context but if you look at any damn thing in the correct dimension you can find that thing spiritual. Peace of mind is very important for spiritual consciousness. First, one should be clear with the motive of his life, what is the purpose of human life. For that, you should Go and Inquire. Then a peaceful mind is a next step.  Lets cut this short, I just wanted to explain to you that, why the ability to accept and to forgive is to be mastered (Just for the sake of a peaceful mind and fewer relationship/social). Social says it all. How you tackle with other people in your society? What is your attitude towards the people of society? and many other things. So let's get this started.Ego, greed, lust, rage, illusion, and envy are the …