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Does Exceptions have Limitations?

Yes even , expectations have limitations.
You have given the free will to live your life. Everybody has  the freedom to live their own life according to their will. Under certain parameter, it is okay to expect. But somewhere it is going to end. Everything has a limit. Again there are certain exceptions like parents and loved ones. Theyexpect something from you and that's not at all wrong. But when it comes on the social level, expectations have limitations.Expecting something from someone is not wrong, just there has to be a set-point and one should know where to stop. Expecting fish to climb the tree is a total waste, you this is never going to happen, this is a useless thing to expect. There are innumerable examples of false expectations. You just cannot expect beyond limits. Everyone is living their life according to his will, his freedom. You have no right to curb them or stop them in any way. Sometimes things are not going to be according to your way. You simply cannot live b…

9 amazing tips for self motivation.

I strongly believe in the reward system. You get a reward for your action you tend to act more. Think of a child, if you give chocolate to him for doing something simple action like to bring a glass of water for you (don't judge me by this example), then he tends to help more, expecting a bar of chocolate as a reward. Not only children but also the grown-ups tend to act more furiously expecting something in return. If you are going to get something as a reward you will work more efficiently. Above concept can be used for self-motivation purpose. Think, rewarding yourself for doing something, yes there are going to be some restrictions and clauses you have to work with but other-wise this is a great technique for self-motivation. Following are the clauses you need to consider before experimenting thisBeing honest with yourself:Honesty playing a key role here. If you are honest with yourself, then and then only you can justify your reward system.
Write down your goals:It can be fitne…

How to analyze your problem?

Try to look at your problem in different angle, who knows, it may turn into something, which doesn't even need a solution. Everyone has problems in his life. There is no such living entity who is free from problems. As far as Human being is concerned, he is the one with the power to dominate, and with great power comes great responsibility, so he is the one with most of the problems.The first step to deal with the problem is to analyze it. Analyze your problem, figure it out and most importantly know your problem. Always be aware of what you are dealing with. Closer you look, less you see. -Now you see me(Movie) 

Close you look, less you see. It's is so simple to understand. closer you look at something, less area your eye-sight is going to cover. Look closely at your problem is important but after analyzing it. Remember focus always comes after you know your niche, likewise first understand your problem. So, take a wide look and cut short of your problems. Change your perspect…