Everything you need to know about Overthinking!

First you assume somethinng then you overthink, then you get worried about non-existing problem, then you again overthink about the solution
Everything starts with assumptions. For no reason at all we assume something!

Why this assumption? (Phase-1)
Ever thought about that? No, because we don't think so deeply about the existing problems. We love to create more problems assuming irrelevant things. We think about the useless things which will generate stress! Agree on it or not but yes unknowingly we enjoy stressful situations. And when everything is going fine we tend to find stress. Everyone is living in stressful situations, those who cannot manage it properly fail miserably. Stress is an important factor for growth, only and only if it is managed properly. For example, a marathon runner should stress his lungs if he wants to run. If he is not stressing them up to the mark we will not complete the race. Also if he is overstressing his lungs, eventually he will fail. So to complete the race he should manage the stress properly. This is a different topic altogether, let's not divert ourselves, if you want me to cover this topic please comment down below. Thus the conclusion is that most people unknowingly love working under stress end up creating stressful situations by assuming irrelevant things. 
Another reason we assume because, we can mend assumptions according to our will, which will allow us to an endless overthinking session. Thinking on the basis of facts is not at all overthinking. It is every human being's ability. To think. Try overthinking on the basis of facts, no it will not last that long. We start to play on "What if 's". We enter this never-ending loop of if... then. All of this happens mainly because of a disturbed mind, dishonesty in relationships, if things are hidden from you, natural tendency to doubt everything and assume on the basis of past and bluffed mindset. Doubtful minds many times assume unnecessary things and end up in even worse situations. Doubtful nature always wants to find more.

Assumptions are basically 'hit and try method'. When we are not clear with something we mend things according to our mindset and try to create and live the situations in our disturbed mind.

Let's quickly summarize:

Why we overthink?
  • We overthink because we assume irrelevant things/situations.

Why do we assume?

  • We enjoy living in stress.
  • We assume because we have the power to mend it according to our will.
  • Disturbed mind.
  • Dishonest Relationships.
  • History of compromises.
  • Doubtful Mind.

After assumption now we have a topic for overthinking :p. Gradually, we are so engrossed that we start to live in that situation.   Now we start to about the problems. 

Here starts the Phase-2: In an assumed situation, we start to assume the problems we will be facing. We start to think about the problems which do not even exist. Then we start to worry about these what-if generated problems. But it's not an end here.
Phase-3: Now we have our problems, oops! our non-existing problems. And it's mandatory to find solutions to these problems. So we start to worry about the solutions to these problems. Hang on, check out my article: How to analyze your problems! the real, actual, and existing problems. We worry about the solution for a non-existing problem which we would be facing in an assumed situation.  

Why we discussed all these?
Everybody knows how we overthink cause most of us are doing this on a daily basis. We could have directly talked about the solution but No! We discussed this just to make it clear how actually stupid overthinking is.

Solution: Let's keep it simple.
  • Stop assuming things.
Don't assume anything. If you don't know, you don't know! Just ignore.
  • Learn how to manage stress.
  • Don't be disturbed. 
A disturbed mind is the root cause of various problems. Try to control your mind.

  • Meditate/Yoga.
  • Avoid Toxic and dishonest relationships.
  • Have faith in yourself.
  • Engage yourself. Distract your mind if it starts to overthink. 
  • Read, Write and be Creative.
  • Talk with yourself(if you can) or you can talk with your friends, family or you can always contact us, here is the link to my Instagram page @Spiritualkeeda
  • The best option is to talk with the person involved!

  • Find your own way to kill this overthinking process and comment down below.

Stop overthinking and start thinking about the thing which actually matters. Happiness does not depend on the situation, it depends on you seeing  yourself best in every situation.

Thanks a lot for hopping by. Don't hold yourself back and just contact freely for any questions or suggestions.


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