HOPE! Refuse to Lose

I hope you will not quit whatever you are doing. Just keep your Hope alive. You are surely going to succeed and that one day you dreamt of is so close.


Everyone is hiding something. Maybe someone is hiding the truth, someone may hide their feelings, someone may hide reality. But the common thing between all these things is, everyone is hiding their pain or things that are disturbing them. We often hide disturbing things, maybe because we are scared to get judged. We are going through some pain that is too embarrassing to accept. It is because we fear the worst which is incomparable to the trauma that one goes through when we analyze the reality.

We fail to trust the process. We fail to understand that is something emerges, there must be some cause in the background. We lack patience and fortitude. Trusting and enjoying the process is important. Some things are so simple to achieve, yet we make them complex just because we are impatient. we should accept disturbing things sportingly and should tackle them. You have to be shameless to accept the pain. It's okay if you are in pain. It's okay to be disturbed. Only disturbed people strive for stability. Bounce bank and fight. 

There is always an option to get rid of these disturbing things. Yes, we can just ignore or we can settle them out. We can also manipulate the things or we can compromise. We can just compromise and let things go. There are 'n' number of things we can do to get rid of the disturbing things. Yet we choose to get stressed out over those disturbing things. We have a unique tendency, we love to hold things that disturb us. Yes, we love to press where it hurts. This tendency to hold on, even though it is disturbing is present just because we HOPE. We hope because we want things to happen in a certain way. Hope is so impatiently patient thing. We hope because we are so obsessed to achieve certain things. 

To achieve certain things we compromise our happiness, cause we hope about that ONE DAY(which surely exists). This type of obsession to achieve things and the level of shamelessness is required to accept the pain and continue to hope. You can say hope is also the waiting time for that excitement of that ONE DAY you are dreaming of. 

Time changes, we just have to hope and be optimistic, this is the first step. When you want a certain thing to happen your way, you have to wish. Change is inevitable. Things will surely change and everything will be on your side. We just have to HOPE...

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